The courses are targeted to those who wish to work professionally as First Aid Instructors, with or without previous experience on teaching skills.

Also applicable to those with no previous First Aid certification, provided that they complete the relevant course beforehand.

There are 3 different programs:

Standard First Aid Instructor (3 days, 980 Euro)
First Aid at work Instructor (3 days, 800 Euro)
Advanced First Aid Instructor (3 days, 1250 Euro)

Please contact us for detailed course description and briefing on certification procedures.

3 days
3 days
3 days
Basic course content:


  • Structure of first aid training courses
  • First Aid teaching methods
  • Equipment infrastructure and safety
  • Facilitation and creativity in course delivery
  • Use of educational equipment
  • Methods of theory and practice development
  • Ongoing assessment
  • Constructive feedback provision
  • Examination procedures
  • Certification procedures
  • Quality assurance
  • Instructor practical and theoretical practice
  • Familiarisation with administration forms
  • Customer attraction, marketing techniques
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