A few words about the company…

Dimitropoulos-Lanaras Ltd was established in 2006, initially involved in the food and beverage sector. It has expanded its range of services which now include consultation and seminars in the airline and tourism sectors as well as First Aid training provision via ProtonAid.
It is registered in the General Registry of the Ministry of Commerce and the Commercial and Industrial Chamber of Athens.

Georgios Lanaras

Georgios Lanaras is a professional First Aid Instructor with extensive experience in aviation and tourism.

He started his aviation career in 1993 and soon became passionate for First Aid. He attended his first Instructor course in 2006 and ever since 3 more courses have followed, from different providers, expanding his knowledge and overall approach to care provision. Has attended an Advanced Wilderness First Aid Training Course, with emphasis on first aid provision in a non-urban environment.

He is authorized to give seminars in Standard First Aid, Advanced First Aid as well as Workplace First Aid.

He is also an Instructor Trainer/Examiner, the highest distinction one may reach in Rescue Training International.

Georgios has delivered courses in a number of countries around the world, gaining useful experience and an insight on people’s approach when their loved ones are in a situation where their health is compromised.

Strong believer in attention to detail, analytical approach towards course delivery and trainees’ curiosity as tools of the learning process and understanding of material covered.

Special gravity to practical competencies as they give trainees the confidence to deal with situations they have practiced on.

Cyclist, off-road enthusiast, trekker, photographer, traveler of the world.

International course recognition and validation

All courses are conducted under the validation and recognition of Rescue Training International (RTI), one of the world’s largest First Aid training organizations.

RTI courses follow the latest protocols of European Resuscitation Council, the American Heart Association and the Asian Resuscitation Council.

Following the Covid19 epidemic, the latest guidelines with regards to training are strictly adhered to and close monitoring ensures that adjustments are made to meet most recent changes.

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